ARISE 100 Women: Sharon Wauchob

Published: 2 years ago

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Words Bim Adewunmi

Sharon Wauchob is the creative director of ethical fashion label Edun, founded by Ali Hewson and her superstar husband Bono in 2005 and profiled in issue 15 of ARISE.

What drives you?

Finding something fresh each season and making it happen. Realising the ideas into reality.

What do you see as the future of Africa?

Africa has so many different attitudes and personalities, the future there is so open and that’s one of the exhilarating things you feel there.

What are the main misconceptions when it comes to women in your industry?

Unfortunately there are not so many women designing, especially their own lines. I think it’s a real pity as it’s very interesting to see a woman’s view of fashion.

What are the challenges to being in the ethical fashion industry?

The speed of fashion is the major hurdle. Speed means corners are cut and that can be very dangerous ethically.

What advice do you have for anyone starting out in the fashion industry?

The same advice once given to me: ‘when you have something to say, say it’. Therefore when you have a real point of view in fashion it’s time to do your collection.

In boardrooms and parliaments, on television and the stage, women are increasingly making their presence felt across Africa and on the world stage. The inaugural ARISE 100 list champions just some of the remarkable women shaping modern Africa today.

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