Backstage at NYFW: Model Q&As

Published: 3 years ago

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Words Hannah Pool, Helen Jennings  Pictured Aminat Ayinde  Photography Victoria Will

Aminat Ayinde

You have modelled in several ARISE shows in the US and Nigeria, what keeps you coming back?
ARISE understands the African diaspora and all of Africa. I love the shows, the magazine, AMFW – I'm a supporter and a fan. Plus the quality of the clothing and the shows are always fantastic.
What are you wearing?
I'm wearing a Gavin Rajah jumpsuit and a long dress by Tiffany Amber.
What are your fashion week essentials?
A good moisturiser, water, mascara, lip balm and my BlackBerry. I can't live without my BB.
Who are your African icons?
As a Nigerian I admire Fela Kuti for what he did for political music, for high-life music. And as a model I respect Alek Wek, how she carries herself. She is inspiring.

Ger Duany

What attracts you to being part of the ARISE show today?
ARISE is my family. The magazine followed me on the ground in South Sudan, you had me in your second NYFW show, so I feel at home here. Plus Ozwald Boateng is a great designer. I was out of the city but flew back especially for this. I'm wearing a serious navy suit and white shirt.

Kim Gordon

You were our ARISE issue 16 cover girl. When you saw the issue what did you think?
Oh my god, I was overwhelmed. So excited. I've seen it on shelves all over NY.
What are you wearing?
Gavin Rajah and Maki Oh

Fashionette Morrison

Who’s your icon?
Naomi Campbell. We're very alike. She has a little funky attitude, I have a little funky attitude.
What are your fashion week essentials?
I can't get through without my heels.
What´s your beauty tip?
I don't really wear make-up.

Gaye McDonald

What are your fashion week essentials?
I have to have my Fibre One bars and water to keep me going.
What´s your beauty tip?
I use Jergens and baby oil all the time. I use them all over my body, even on my face.
What's your spring/summer look?
Cut-up shorts, funky t-shirts and boots.

Bali Lawal

Who is your icon?
There are a lot of people here whose work I adore. I love all the designers at the show, I can't wait to make them proud of me and of their clothes. I love Yves Saint Laurent. He used a lot of beautiful black models, so did Paco Rabanne.
What are your fashion week essentials?
My Yves Saint Laurent high heels; my Miu Miu bag – because it's huge, I can put everything in there; La Perla underwear, because it’s beautiful and comfortable; and a pair of ballerina flats.
What´s your beauty tip?
At the end of the day I go back to my hotel, take a really warm bath, put on some music and have a glass of red wine. It's really important to take time to relax.
What's your summer look?
I like to wear a lot of beautiful colour.

Georgie Badiel

Who's your African icon?
Liya Kebede and Iman, they are both amazing, great models.
What are your fashion week essentials?
My make-up remover, my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and a mirror. I have to make sure that I get to each show looking great.
What's your look?
In the winter I keep it very simple. A pair of nice blue jeans with a beautiful cashmere sweater and some nice boots. In the summer I have a long flowery dress I love to wear, it's just so comfortable and great for the city.

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