Rewind: Fally Ipupa ft Krys – Sexy Dance

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Words Annabel McLeod

In 2008, British pop group Girls Aloud released Can’t Speak French. Broadly speaking, it was an ode to a lack of understanding about the nuances of the romantic language. Well, in the chorus particularly, the verses are actually a little random. Pop license, eh? Anyway, this popular track can be summed up neatly by its strangely catchy chorus:

I can’t speak French / So I’ll let the funky music do the talking talking now oh 

I can’t speak French / So I’ll let the funky music do the talking talking now oh

It was a simple song, which the UK lapped up. So how does this relate to mister Fally of DRC? Well, we can’t speak French. And there’s no other way to describe this track as funky. Oui oui.

Sporting a rather unfetching metallic arm and with a host of winding and grinding ladies in the background, Fally Ipupa sings all about dancing sexy and sexy dancing, blending his brand of soukous, ndombolo, pop and R&B. He also apparently asks 'what's you're preferred pants?!' - but we're just getting this from a free translation service online. As one YouTube user commends “songs like this make you wake up and dance your lazy ass off”. Yes indeed Tubemusty.

The MTV Africa award-winner is known to spin the bad, the questionable and the great (Craig David, Shaggy, Marvin Gaye), so with this track and several others (including with 50 Cent's Candy Shop Olivia) under his sleeves, we're excited about his new venture as part of R.Kelly’s new supergroup One8. 

If you don't know Fally Ipupa, get acquainted.

Now wind those hips... (eh heh)

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